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Program Summary

SIMPLY RETURN CALLS is a cash gifting business and was ONCE AGAIN, JUST RECENTLY RENAMED A FEW MONTHS AGO. This gifting business has undergone a number of name changes. THEY HAVE ONCE AGAIN CHANGED THEIR NAME TO : SIMPLY RETURN CALLS. SIMPLY RETURN CALLS appeals to many people because it boasts of no selling, no convincing, no chasing people to join. It is professionally administrated and utilizes a tracking software system that keeps track of referrals and gifts received, etc.  They use a cash only-based gifting system, which we  cite as questionable in view of their stance that the collected money is supposed to be tax free.

Upfront costs / expenses


Along with a NEW NAME TO HIDE BEHIND The SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting business has a tracking software charge THAT HAS NOW INCREASED 50 % TO of $180 per year. They insist that the money be paid to them by as follows: "wrapped in brown paper and shipped by overnight private courier at your expense to some mysterious entity in Hawaii. This is questionable to say the least.

They also promote heavily that you buy their "leads" which can easily run over $200.00 per day in order to be effective in marketing.

They also promote you buying their "approved capture page" which has also increased to $199.00 a year.

You of course will have to send in your gift of at least $500 and up to $3500 depending on your level of entry when you join. So now these guys have upped the ante as they strive to "fleece your pockets" even faster than before.

Legal issues


There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the actual legality of these gifting businesses. Now, we should like to caution here that the operators of these businesses do not like to be referred to as a business. They insist they are a private activity where entrance is only gained by invitation. They often will refer to a IRS statue that declares gifts up to $13,000 are tax free. So, on this basis they declare that the money you receive is tax free because it is a gift.

A new element that they have put into this business is a 20 /80 referral split. So, because there is NOW AN RESIDUAL OR REFERRAL FEE IN THEIR COMPENASATION PLAN, this would certainly cause the IRS to further conclude that this is in fact a business that the owners are trying to conceal behind a gifting law which clearly does not apply to this companies financial structure. We feel all participants will likely find themselves facing tax evasion charges in the future.

After conferring with our legal consul, we have come to the determination that this concept will likely fail to hold up in court for the simple reason that in the past the courts have taken on the view that when a concern is operated like a business, advertises like a business and in truth "everyone is in it for the money" that no true gift was ever actually intended and the whole purpose for its members is to enrich themselves while attempting to avoid taxes. So we feel that there is a very high likelihood of the courts ruling that this concern is in effect a business without products designed to enrich its members while trying to avoid the taxes on profits from the business. Therefore one could easily find themselves charged with tax evasion. So, for this reason we find this a problem certainly if you think you will be able to skirt the tax issue.

On another front the business plan is operated without any products and this too has caused us to be concerned. One has to ask "just what am i getting for my hard earned money"? As far as we can see , Nothing? So, again, the courts are likely to see this as just another money game and they will very likely invoke the statues for you to prove that this not just another form of a ponzi scheme where innocent people are left holding an empty bag.



The SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting business has their lowest level being $500, it's accessible to a fair amount of people out there trying to get into the gifting arena. SIMPLY RETURN CALLS also provides very expensive replicated websites for members to use in their marketing online. SIMPLY RETURN CALLS also has a average training call for members where SIMPLY RETURN CALLS will promote their poor marketing system to its membership.


The wide variety of levels starting at only $500 will lead to higher conversions at the lower levels. I feel it is much too labor intensive to enroll people that can only afford the $500 level, which may limit many potential sign ups since even this amount may be beyond the reach of people who are out of work.

Compensation plan

The SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting business has this actual text right at the top of their web site regarding the likely hood of being compensated by joining this business:


"Anyone seeking to profit from their endeavors are encouraged to investigate the many profit-making opportunities available today - no such program is offered here. Participants give freely of themselves and expect nothing in return."

We have to agree that for the most part this is likely VERY GOOD ADVICE. Don't expect to profit from this program.

Level of experience required

The SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting program doesn't need specific experience per se related to the gifting industry but it does require experience on how to cultivate "good Leads" and this gifting program focuses keenly on how the management can get more money from it's members foremost. That is a problem.

Support provided


SIMPLY RETURN CALLS does provide a live training call 6 days a week for members to call in for help. They do answer questions especially for purchasing their additional services. This call is highly controlled. They do not allow anyone to raise questions of management, in fact they do not allow last names to be used. They have no address. They will not disclose who is actually running the business etc. Basically, they sensor everything that is allowed to be discussed. They have no posted phone number and if one raises any kind of bad feeling or objection, they suddenly disappear from the program. So, if you can live with these limitations, then SIMPLY RETURN CALLS is a consideration.

They also provide 2 live calls a day for the purpose of sending your invited guests to hear how the business works, so credit must be given for this effort. Most gifting programs have recorded calls only. However these scheduled calls can be somewhat of a disadvantage as your invited people will not have the freedom of hearing the call except at these exact times. So, if you cannot get your invited people to a call at that time, then this may not work well.

Difficulty rating

SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting capture page system is run by an individual who has been accused of actually stealing the leads from their own members. As such this program is going to be very difficult as he is in control of it with the owners blessing.

Reputation / Word on the street:


SIMPLY RETURN CALLS is one of the original gifting businesses. It is because of the way they treated their own members that has led to the recent explosion of competing gifting programs.

In an effort to stay ahead of to the bad press this gifting program continues to receive on the Internet, they are constantly resorting to changing the name of the business that they are known by. In this way when prospective members do a search on their business name, they will not find anything recent on the new name. THEIR LATEST NAME CHANGE IN 2011 IS: SIMPLY RETURN CALLS, WHICH IS NOW REVIEWED HERE. Some of their former names are: TLC2003, NOSS, NOSS123, Number One Success System, Up To You Wealth, True Wealth Today, etc.

Many references can be found on the Internet (some of which we will reference) that paint a rather sad picture of this gifting program. They have been caught stealing leads from their own members capture pages. They have actually copied the design of one of their members private capture page and then proceeded to sell the  plagiarized copies as their own!

Basically they have become notorious for "creating their own competition" by taking advantage of their own members. That is not to say the membership is bad, but rather the management of this business which is at fault.

Special considerations


SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting program is very restrictive. They are highly secretive. Contact with them is difficult at best and usually one way. Their live workshop call is tightly controlled, orchestrated and rehearsed, all designed to limit any real input or questions by all but the chosen few who are approved to speak at all. This is definitely one program to be cautious about. Their marketing methods are very limited and behind the times. Since they make huge sums of money by selling leads, then that is what they promote even though this is widely known to be a very ineffective way to find interested people. The management will basically teach one method of marketing while the leaders keep secret the methods that they actually are successfully using themselves.


 TLC2003 INFO     TLC2003 /NOSS NAME     

Final Analysis / Recommendation:

The SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting business may appear to be inviting based on its clever live workshop calls but ultimately fails to live up to its own hype based on the failure rate of its former members. The SIMPLY RETURN CALLS gifting business is one gifting program to avoid at all costs including the potential of legal issues that may arise in time.

We feel that there are many suitable alternative businesses which should be considered where you could find success without having to deal with SIMPLY RETURN CALLS's problems. However if one wishes to avoid the anxiety associated with the direct selling approach so common with legitimate businesses yet still insist on having a legitimate business model that offers a reasonable opportunity for success for most people then, your options will certainly narrow. We can easily direct you to a host of companies that we have reviewed in the past which provide quality products. However, this always involves substantial expenses for your inventory and to auto ship your products each month.

If you truly want to avoid these issues then three businesses ( none are gifting) which we favor can be recommended because they have all the best benefits of a gifting business but with none of the negatives associated with a gifting program. They are: Passport To Freedom, People's Concepts Inc. and IWIN. Of these 3, the IWIN business has to be considered the stronger of the 3 for several reasons. One being they offer lower levels of participation which are more attractive to the masses and yet with very low expenses. They offer possibly the best marketing / teaching system that we've ever reviewed for the average person.  Additionally they offer a robust compensation plan which is among the top in the industry. In fact in an earlier review they earned our coveted "5 STAR TOP BANNER" award. You can visit their site by clicking here.