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Abundant Living System

Program Summary

Abundant Living System is a new program and was created for the "Little Guy" out there that can't afford the other popular gifting programs. ALS appeals to many people because it has very low levels of participation, with the lowest entry level of all at just $100. It's professionally administrated using a 3rd party tracking software system that keeps track of referrals and gifts received, etc. The tracking software charge is $50 per year. They use a credit-based gifting system, which many in the industry have called into question through experience.

Upfront costs / expenses


  Now this also has us concerned.

Participation in this private activity does require a cash pledge. Levels  of participation are simple (US dollars): $250, $500, $1,500, and $3,500. They want a cash pledge so that there is no money trail for the IRS to track. Well, one must ask if they say these are gifts and non-taxable , why not send a check? Why must they be cash pledges? Something is not right here.

The rest of the cost constitutes advertising/marketing. The marketing costs will far exceed the initial cash pledge. They really downplay this aspect,yet without marketing every business is doomed to failure. This is true of all business and should be over stated rather than understated.

Legal issues



There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the actual legality of the Abundant Living System gifting businesses. Now, we should like to caution here that the operators of the Abundant Living System gifting business do not like being referred to as a business. They insist they are a private activity where entrance is only gained by invitation. They often will refer to a IRS statue that declares gifts up to $13,000 are tax free. So, on this basis they declare that the money you receive is tax free because it is a gift.

After conferring with our legal consul, we have come to the determination that this concept will likely fail to hold up in court for the simple reason that in the past the courts have taken on the view that when a concern is operated like a business, advertises like a business and in truth "everyone is in it for the money" that no true gift was ever actually intended and the whole purpose for its members is to enrich themselves while attempting to avoid taxes. So we feel that there is a very high likelihood of the courts ruling that this concern is in effect a business without products designed to enrich its members while trying to avoid the taxes on profits from the business. Therefore one could easily find themselves charged with tax evasion. So, for this reason we find this a problem certainly if you think you will be able to skirt the tax issue.

On another front the Abundant Living System plan is operated without any products and this too has caused us to be concerned. One has to ask "just what am i getting for my hard earned money"? As far as we can see , Nothing! So, again, the courts are likely to see this as just another money game and they will very likely invoke the statues for you to prove that this not just another form of a ponzi scheme where innocent people are left holding an empty bag.



With the the Abundant Living System gifting business lowest level being just $100, it's accessible to anyone out there trying to get into the gifting arena. ALS also provides replicated websites for members to use in their marketing online. ALS also has a good callback and marketing system similar to TOCS.


The Abundant Living System gifting business has a wide variety of levels starting at only $100 will lead to higher conversions at the lower levels. I feel it is much too labor intensive to enroll people that can only afford the $100 level, which is much too time consuming for so little return and when you consider the loft fees that the Abundant Living System  is charging, well, it's hardly worth the trouble.

Compensation plan

You receive money in similar a fashion as in most other typical cash gifting program. You have to actively recruit others to join under you so that they in turn will send you their money. The first person you recruit in this business is turned over to the person who you sent your money to when you joined. So, you will not be eligible to receive any cash until your 2nd person is found and recruited by you.

If this is accomplished then you are in a position to receive cash from subsequently invited new members. However, you will only receive an amount equal to what level you yourself are at each time. Any monies above what you are at will be lost to you as they will roll up to your inviter instead. This is fairly typical of the gifting programs in general.

Level of experience required

They state that you don't need experience Not at all! There is zero selling or pressure. It is simply a matter of sharing this opportunity with others. However, the reality is there is always salesmanship involved especially when you are calling up strangers and asking them to send you their money and expect nothing in return for it. Now if you can accomplish that, we would have to say your a salesman!

Support provided


They do seem to have some support set up for this , however we could not verify the extent to this support beyond what they say, so this aspect should be reviewed before signing on the dotted line.

Difficulty rating

Here again the Abundant Living System gifting business needs to be realistic. One has to keep in mind what your actually getting into because once you enter into the Abundant Living System gifting business you will be the one who has to call strangers up and convince them to send you their hard earned money and expect nothing in return! This we fear is not going to be as easy as they say.

Successful Duplication Ranking:

We expect that as with all gifting businesses, any success with the Abundant Living System gifting business for you will wholly depend on your ability to market effectively in a very challenging industry. That is not to say you won't be successful but, given the nature of this business in general, frankly, most people will likely fail within the first 2 months. Partly because of the lack of financial backing that is necessary to effectively market and sell the concept to others. It certainly can be done if one is committed to this. This company's structure does not represent any more challenges than other gifting companies do.

Reputation / Word on the street:

The Abundant Living System gifting business appeals to a "wide audience". The successful marketing saying is you can't appeal to everyone. There is a reason why some of the most successful gifting programs stick to the higher levels. It naturally keeps away the tire-kickers.

Special considerations



The Abundant Living System gifting  states " Our group started in 2001 and we have 50,000+ Members in 20 countries". Well, again, this is misleading because they are a relatively new business and when they say they have 50,000+ members they are definitely not talking about the Abundant Living System gifting business exclusively. This in reality encompasses ALL gifting programs not just theirs. So, the year 2001 does not reflect the actual year The Abundant Living System gifting came to be as in its present scale.

Final Analysis / Recommendation:


The Abundant Living System gifting business while attractive on some fronts fails to live up to its own hype based on the failure rate of its former members. The Abundant Living System should only be considered if you have a strong background in Internet marketing as well as the ability to defend the likely legal issues that may arise in time.

We feel that there many suitable alternative businesses which still can be considered. However if one wishes to avoid the anxiety associated with the direct selling approach so common with legitimate businesses yet still insist on having a legitimate business model that offers a reasonable opportunity for success for most people then, your options will certainly narrow. We can easily direct you to a host of companies that we have reviewed in the past which provide quality products. However, this always involves substantial expenses for your inventory or to auto ship your products each month.

If you truly want to avoid these issues then three businesses which we favor can be recommended because they have all the benefits of this gifting business but with none of the negatives associated with this gifting program. They are: Passport To Freedom, People's Concepts Inc. and IWIN. Of these 3, the IWIN business has to be considered the stronger of the 3 for several reasons. One being they offer lower levels of participation which are more attractive to the masses and yet with very low expenses. They offer possibly the best marketing / teaching system that we've ever reviewed for the average person.  Additionally they offer a robust compensation plan which is among the top in the industry. In fact in an earlier review they earned our coveted "5 STAR TOP BANNER" award. You can visit their site by clicking here.